Clayganesha.net is an eCommerce website that sells premium quality eco friendly Clay Ganesha Idols at competitive prices. We are proud to say that the Idols we sell through our website are 100% organic. So, you will receive the Idols which is made up of pure clay which is collected from Rivers. You comprehend that Idols can’t be put away past a specific time limit. Any return will undoubtedly kill the nature of the item. Hence, we don’t acknowledge or accept returns. However, we will consider some special cases where you get Damaged Idols. In such cases, we may think about replacing the Idols provided you inform us via call or email.
To buy Idols from clayganesha.net website, you as a User have acknowledged our terms and conditions mentioned below upon signing up as a user or a guest user. We reserve the authority to add, modify or delete our terms and conditions at any time, without any information to our customers. You as a client are subsequently encouraged to go through the T&C each time you utilize the website.

Cancellation/Refund policy:

1. Once you place the order, we pack them and deliver them carefully at your doorstep.
2. You cannot cancel the orders once placed.
3. We may accept your request within 2 hours of time period with 5% against cancellation charges.
4. If you wish to cancel order, u can cancel by calling us or email.
5. Once received the parcel, please check the Idol carefully and feel free to contact us if there is any issue.

Replacement Policy:

We are committed to delivering you the best quality Clay Ganesha Idols. You should understand the fact that clay is naturally formed rivers and these sensitive clay may certainly get affected by climate changes. Subsequently, at times some idols may go shape out from inside or outside. It will be awful in the event that you get such idols, however you need to comprehend that we will stay focused on you. Kindly be guaranteed that we don’t pack damaged idols while we are transporting you.

Refunds Policy:

If we can’t give you a replacement, for reasons including but not restricted to lack of sufficient Idols production, season ending, issues with logistics, etc., we will give you refunds for the Idols you have paid us. At every possible opportunity, the refund will be given to the account using which you have made the payment. On the off chance that is unimaginable, the refund will be given to your bank account, the details of which will be asked from the email id which was utilized to submit the request. The refunds will be remitted to you within three working days.

Shipping Policy:

1. Shipping rates & costs
Displaying shipping costs gives customers a chance to review and calculate their total costs before they shop around. Showcasing shipping costs becomes even more important for international customers who may not qualify for certain offers such as free shipping.

2. Shipping methods and delivery times
Whether you offer one or several shipping methods, list out the different methods and the expected business day estimated delivery times 7 days for each.

3. Shipping restrictions
If you have any shipping restrictions, such as shipping to certain countries or PO boxes, you will want to display them here. Sometimes, state legislation may prevent some products from being shipped to certain locations. Be very clear on what restrictions exist and who is impacted by them.

4. Missing or lost packages
There are several reasons why a package gets lost or becomes a delivery exception, and most of the times it is out of your control. But directing customers on what to do if a package goes missing creates peace of mind. You can do this by easily displaying contact information and directions on how to report missing or lost packages.

5. International shipping
If you offer international shipping, you will want to include a statement on who is responsible for customs and import duties. Showcase your international shipping policy by communicating which carrier handles your international shipments and who takes care of international taxes, charges, and any additional fees.

6. Return and exchange information
If your customers are about to make an order, they are likely interested in how your store manages returns and exchanges. Many online stores display a return and exchange policy on the same page as the shipping policy. It provides details such as how long it takes to process a return and when customers can expect a full refund according to the refund policy.


We are not at risk for any loss or damage that occured during logistics, loading and unloading Idols emerged because of the causes outside our ability to control, for example, Floods, Accidents, Fire, Theft, War and so on.


We strive our best to show the exact colors of the Idols we sell on our website as accurately as possible. In any case, as the actual colors you see will rely upon your device (PC or Mobile you are using to visit our website), we can’t ensure that your screen’s presentation of any color will be exact.